Time. 2022

Stock photography is not a get rich quick scheme. Neither is it a get rich slow scheme. In fact, unless you’re extremely dedicated, it’s pretty much a ‘If I’m really lucky I may be able to afford a cup of coffee this month, or at least put a small deposit on a cup of coffee‘ scheme.

So for now, I continue to upload the odd photo to Adobe or WireStock simply because they have a higher chance of picking up 10 or 20 cents there than they do just sitting on a hard drive.

Stay tuned for my next exciting update somewhere around 2024

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Sales in March 2021

Sales are still decreasing, only one through Eyeem / Getty this month and a few through Adobe. Eyeem seems to have been a bit erratic since they put their tiered payment structure in, but it’s more probable that my sales have dropped along with the quality of photos I’m uploading. Garbage in, garbage out ?

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Sales January and February 2021

January was pretty good – sales from Getty, Eyeem Market, Bytedance (?), Adobe, and Alamy (!). This is the first time I’ve heard of Bytedance, another Eyeem partner, and the first time I have sold anything through either Alamy or Eyeem’s direct Market.

After January being pretty good, February was rubbish with two small sales through Adobe. This is the first month in several where I haven’t sold anything through Eyeem’s Getty partnership.

Next month Eyeem will be bringing in their tiered payments system where high-value sellers receive a higher percentage of the sale. I have just managed to squeeze into the 35% category – better than 25% but far short of the holy grail of 55%.

A number of people in the Eyeem Facebook group are complaining about the payment structure and threatening to remove their photos and close their accounts. Hopefully, they all do, I’d rather be a small fish in a shrinking pond than a small fish in an expanding one… ?

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Eyeem / Getty December 2020

Once again, repeat sales of two images and a chain & cog that has not sold previously. All sold through Getty – I am yet to have any direct Eyeem Market sales. The price paid for two of the images was rubbish, but the golf ball and tee sold for more than usual.

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Eyeem / Getty November 2020

Getty sales pretty much the same images as last month but slightly better prices. Golf ball and tee sold twice, loudspeakers sold for a reasonable amount (slightly better than the 50 cents or so I often receive), and the obligatory Pinned Map sold once again.

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PicFair experience

24 November 2020 | https://davehillnz.picfair.com

Having had quite a few PicFair advertisements polluting my Facebook stream over the last few months, I decided to give them a go about a few weeks ago. I should note that the entirety of my Facebook stream is pretty much polluted by default, but PicFair somehow managed to stand out a bit amongst the flotsam and jetsam. A lesser pollutant in a sea of drivel.

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Eyeem / Getty, October 2020

Two Eyeem sales (through Getty) this month. Once again, they are photos that have sold before. I’m not sure if the Getty algorithm promotes previously sold images or not, but it seems likely.

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Moving story.

Not actually a moving story, more a story about moving. Actually, I’m just changing web hosts ?

Having had the davehillnz.wordpress.com address since around 2016, and largely ignoring it until recently, I had no reason to be frustrated by the limitations of a free WordPress account.

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Keywords, Wordroom, and Lightroom.

Possibly due to Google’s algorithms, I’ve been seeing a log of articles on the importance of key wording over they last few weeks. There seems to be a large number of articles that stress the importance of keywords to successful sales of stock photos.

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Adobe October 2020

So far on Adobe this month, just the obligatory xylophone which has sold a few times now. As usual the Adobe sales are few and far between and not exactly showering anyone with cash!

Link to the image on Adobe: Xylophone