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24 November 2020 | https://davehillnz.picfair.com

Having had quite a few PicFair advertisements polluting my Facebook stream over the last few months, I decided to give them a go about a few weeks ago. I should note that the entirety of my Facebook stream is pretty much polluted by default, but PicFair somehow managed to stand out a bit amongst the flotsam and jetsam. A lesser pollutant in a sea of drivel.

Derision of Facebook aside, PicFair has proven to be a simple and enjoyable platform to list photos on, the administration area is reasonably well laid out, and you can get up and running pretty quickly. The free version gives you a page with your photos listed and various options for formatting the page. It’s all very rudimentary but you get what you pay for. Speaking of which, I’m paying for the addition of albums, personal watermark, etc. which is around USD 6 per month. If I double the sales I’ve had so far it will still amount to zero so I’ll probably lose the Plus option soon.

I’m yet to determine who their client base is, but from all appearances, the main purpose of the site is to provide a showcase which you then drive people to, rather than the standard stock photography model where people are looking for images and you hope that they stumble across yours. I suspect the PicFair version won’t really suit me as I’m happier hiding in a corner than publicising a website (beyond this post anyway).

And finally, it remains a mystery as to why so many people put links to their PicFair portfolios on PicFair’s Facebook advertisements. The point of the advertisements is to have photographers join the service, so linking your portfolio to a target audience of photographers seems a bit redundant.

Anyway, if anything ever sells, I’ll add it to the And it’s Sold section…

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  1. I wish you the most of luck. I think I do have an account over there with a few photos to test it but no sales in I don’t even know how many years…. Fingers crossed for you!

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