Sales January and February 2021

January was pretty good – sales from Getty, Eyeem Market, Bytedance (?), Adobe, and Alamy (!). This is the first time I’ve heard of Bytedance, another Eyeem partner, and the first time I have sold anything through either Alamy or Eyeem’s direct Market.

After January being pretty good, February was rubbish with two small sales through Adobe. This is the first month in several where I haven’t sold anything through Eyeem’s Getty partnership.

Next month Eyeem will be bringing in their tiered payments system where high-value sellers receive a higher percentage of the sale. I have just managed to squeeze into the 35% category – better than 25% but far short of the holy grail of 55%.

A number of people in the Eyeem Facebook group are complaining about the payment structure and threatening to remove their photos and close their accounts. Hopefully, they all do, I’d rather be a small fish in a shrinking pond than a small fish in an expanding one… ?

One thought on “Sales January and February 2021

  1. Let’s be two small fish in a small pond *g*
    I have never before heard of ByteDance, too. But googling it was very interesting. Which of the images was it? Are you willing to share?

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