Eyeem / Getty, September 2020

Another standard month, the pinned map sold twice and also a side view of a couple of daisies. Not really complaining.

Links to Getty: Daisies| Pinned Map

Eyeem / Getty, August 2020

Not exactly a stunning month, sold a speaker, a pinned map (which has sold a few times on Adobe) and a few haybales in a field. A bit better than the $0 months but it won’t pay the rent…

Links to Getty: Speakers | Haybales| Pinned Map

Racquet and ball

This image has sold through Adobe for the second time. And on this occasion I received a pittance, but at least it was a pittance in American dollars (or part thereof!).

The first sale was about two years ago, also for a pittance…

Link to image on Adobe: Racquet and ball