Eyeem / Getty November 2020

Getty sales pretty much the same images as last month but slightly better prices. Golf ball and tee sold twice, loudspeakers sold for a reasonable amount (slightly better than the 50 cents or so I often receive), and the obligatory Pinned Map sold once again.

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Eyeem / Getty, October 2020

Two Eyeem sales (through Getty) this month. Once again, they are photos that have sold before. I’m not sure if the Getty algorithm promotes previously sold images or not, but it seems likely.

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Adobe October 2020

So far on Adobe this month, just the obligatory xylophone which has sold a few times now. As usual the Adobe sales are few and far between and not exactly showering anyone with cash!

Link to the image on Adobe: Xylophone

Eyeem / Getty, September 2020

Another standard month, the pinned map sold twice and also a side view of a couple of daisies. Not really complaining.

Links to Getty: Daisies| Pinned Map

Racquet and ball

This image has sold through Adobe for the second time. And on this occasion I received a pittance, but at least it was a pittance in American dollars (or part thereof!).

The first sale was about two years ago, also for a pittance…

Link to image on Adobe: Racquet and ball