Welding & daisies

11 October 2020

Another few images for Eyeem and I’ll put them on Picfair as well, simply because I like the Picfair model.

I generally don’t bother too much with flowers but sold a photo of a couple of daisies last month so it won’t hurt to have a few more hanging around on the Internet.

Update: So the full colour, least interesting flower (in my opinion) has been Selected for Partner on Eyeem while the rest have not. At least their algorithms are consistent…

Four of the five were not selected for the Eyeem market, have submitted them to Adobe but I believe the tig welding images will be outside of their dynamic range requirements.

2 thoughts on “Welding & daisies

    1. Thank you, I tend to shoot what I like rather than what will sell, but occasionally I earn a few cents… ?

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