NZ Cashmere Plugin

This has very little to do with the normal content of this site – it’s simply the Plugin URI for a stop-gap fix on the New Zealand Cashmere website.

The plugin looks for a referer, and if it finds one, checks to see whether or not it is from either or If it’s from either of those domains/subdomains then it will stay where it is, otherwise, it will redirect to

One caveat is that it will stay put if there is no referer, but a subdirectory exists in the URL – it’s possible that search results may have an address like – the referer may be Google, DuckDuckGo etc. but as there is a subdirectory, we will not redirect.

Another caveat is that if a visitor chooses to return to the main NZ Cashmere site, a cookie will be set which will make this the default behaviour for 24 hours.

Anyway, if it figures out that it needs to redirect, it will put a window.location.href into the page.